Privacy Policy


At Chloe & Twine protecting your privacy is very important to us.

We make every attempt to keep your personal information confidential, and our site secure. By ensuring that you understand the Chloe & Twine Privacy Policy, we can provide you with better service. Please take a moment to read the following policy to understand how personal information is handled.

Why we collect personal information

Chloe & Twine collects and uses your personal information to give you superior customer service and to provide you with convenient access to our products and services. At your option, your personal information can be used to keep you up to date on the latest product announcements and special offers, through the Chloe & Twine newsletter.

Chloe & Twine works with many vendors and manufacturers. We will never share your data with these parties.

How personal information is collected

Chloe & Twine collects information about you in a few ways. For example, we might ask for your contact information when you correspond with us, call us to make a purchase or register on-line for an instant purchase.

Some areas of the Chloe & Twine website allow you to create a "user ID" using your personal information. This is done to save you time and make our web services user friendly. After filling out an online form with some basic personal information and creating a password, the system saves what you entered and assigns you a personal ID based on your e-mail address. Next time you order something from Chloe & Twine you can simply enter your email address and password – the system will then automatically provides the information needed.

How your personal information is protected

Chloe & Twine safeguards the security of the data you send us with physical, electronic, and managerial procedures. Chloe & Twine uses industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption on all web pages where personal information is required. To make purchases from houseandhold .com, you must use an SSL-enabled browser such as Internet Explorer. This protects the confidentiality of your personal and credit card information while it is transmitted over the Internet.

The Chloe & Twine Customer Privacy Policy is subject to change at any time. We encourage you to review the privacy policy regularly for any changes.