Multi tasking for WFH parents!


I have no advice here, this is an open question! This last week Chloe was sick, and really unhappy. It’s been the first time she’s been properly sick, and probably no small coincidence that it happened just as she started her first drop off school for 3 mornings a week.

So we spent the days cuddled in bed, watching Moana or Coco on repeat and eating whatever she felt like which was mostly raisins or ice cream!

Zero work got done by me until she was asleep which was only happening sporadically in her crib. Photo above taken when we attempted a trip out - not successful!

Here’s the question for all you other WFH parents out there. How do you cope with it when your littles are sick? Do you have to just accept that nothing will get done till they feel better? I’m open to all suggestions for future - I’m guessing this will happen more regularly now ;)